What is Phystech Union?

Phystech Union is a non-profit partnership founded by an active group of alumni of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. Its goal is to modernise MIPT and involve its alumni in joint projects with their alma mater. Phystech-Union takes part in implementing projects designed to develop MIPT and provides consulting services and organisational and financial support. Phystech-Union NP was officially registered on 23 May 2013. Its full name is Non-profit partnership ‘Phystech-Union for support and development of MIPT’, Phystech-Union NP.

Our philosophy

Phystech Union aims to bring together alumni who are not afraid of responsibility, who are prepared to take decisions not just for themselves but also for others and are willing to develop and implement projects. We welcome people who share the main principle of Phystech-Union, namely, to give rather than take and who are prepared to invest their own resources to achieve results.

General fields of activities:

  • Implementation and support of all major strategic projects designed to develop MIPT;
  • Expansion of MIPT’s R&D activities;
  • Organisation of public, educational and academic events at MIPT;
  • Work with MIPT alumni.

MIPT campus